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Bella White

Bella White is no stranger to bluegrass standards, the bright voicing’s of late night banjos, and the tenderness of old acoustic strings. At a young age she found herself surrounded and inspired by roots musicians who sang of aching hearts, greener grass, and the sweetness of kind love. Her compositions echo the strong musical foundations of her youth, pulling audiences in with a maturity that surpasses her years and an unwavering authenticity. 


Emma Ayres

Emma Ayres is an Azorean-American singer-songwriter. She calls what she writes: folk journalism. Like a magpie atop a shimmering nest of 27 years of stories, the cinematic reel of Americana inspired sounds leads the listener through an archive of familial memory, the high lonesome rasp of loves lost and won, and an unshakable political ethos. Like a dog howling at something you can't see but makes you bristle regardless, her music makes you stop… and listen. 


Emma June Band

Emma June Band was founded on the tenets of friendship. Comprised of Abbie Duquette on the fretless uke bass, Zoe Young on vocals and guitar, Abby Kahler on vocals and fiddle, and Emma Ayres on vocals and guitar, the band is notorious for their humorous banter, theatrical antics, and energized presence. Four unapologetic songstresses, rough around the edges, unabashed harmonies, and pictorial lyricism. As a wise woman in Nashville once said to them: “You deserve what you want.” They want this.


Izzy Heltai

Izzy Heltai is an indie-folk singer-songwriter who puts a unique twist on traditional story-telling. Based out of Northampton, Massachusetts, Izzy’s songs reference specific images while simultaneously addressing broader universal truths, often inspired by the natural beauty of Western, Massachusetts.

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Max Shakun (of parsonsfield)

Max Shakun (of the folk rock band Parsonsfield) offers a witty twist on the classic singer/songwriter/indie acoustic set. Unafraid to traverse his effortlessly smooth falsetto, Max will have you both grooving in your seat, and contemplating the more intricate parts of life.


Past Artists


Hannah & Maggie

The Northeast folk-pop artists Hannah & Maggie are celebrating the release their 2017 full-length album, Oh No. Three years in the making, and produced with an ensemble of studio musicians, the collection of 14 original tracks reflects new strength and complexity in the music and in the bonds of the duo whose prismatic harmonies and songwriting have been compared to the Indigo Girls and Simon & Garfunkel.